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"hey dad, can i talk to you?" i asked softly as i timidly enterd the studio in our basement. 
"sure Natts, whats up?" said my dad dropping his guitar pick and redirecting his blue eyes that are so identical to mine, to me. he pulled out a chair for me next to his. i sat down and took a light nervous breath.
"dad, you might want to rethink everything about me, that you love".  his eyes got big, and he pulled his lips into his mouth, so you couldnt see them.
        Backing up a bit now, my name is Nattalie. im 15, i love listening and playing music. ipod, guitar, the works. i love cherry flavored candy and watching tv. im a pretty normal teenager except for the fact that my daddy dearest is Jared Leto. yep, thats me. Nattalie Anne Leto. daughter to lead singer of 30 seconds to mars.  so of course, im sorta forced into the life of showbiz . i make my own music,  and have starred in a couple of movies. i look exactly like my father..........only smaller and girlier. same huge blue eyes, same pasty white skin, same nose slope, same hair, although mine is longer. i dont have a mom...............well, i have a mom. but i dont know who or where she is. its one of those things my dad keeps from me and doest allow me to interfere with. all i know is that, something happened, so that i wasnt given into addoption and there is something really touchy about the subject of my mom.  
  well, when i was about  6 years old, thats when my dads music career started to really take off. it was no big deal at school until i was about 11, in 6th grade. thats when kids realized what celebritys were.  people seemed to treat me differently  because of who my dad was, and thats when my acting career started. so without further adue. i was put into homeschool tutoring. after i had made about 2 movies when i was 14, i wanted to follow in my dads foot steps and start music. at first, he laughed because he didnt think i was interested in music. but what he didnt know, was that i had my own voice and had been teaching myself guitar chords. so you can imagine the shocked look on his face when i sang him my soon to be single "hush" (just so ya'll know, that is a song that i wrote for my band). i started to work on a demo and within a couple months, my music was discovered, and i was on the fast track to rockstar along side my dad. 

so that concludes the prologue. im not an expert writer. i just do it for fun. so if u think it sucks, sorry. 

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