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new story

  title: Living in Oblivion
summary: this story is about the daughter of Jared Leto, lead singer of 30 Seconds To Mars.  (he doesnt have a daugter in real life). the girl in it is kinda based on me. but  she had a different name and has a much suckier life. hahaha.  so this will be posted soon.
author: Me
rating: PG
main charachters: 30 seconds to mars (jared leto,shannon leto,tomo millcevic), nattalie anne leto, percy dawson, alex dawson
disclaimer: super fiction

name: sara
age: 15
bands: 30 seconds to mars, kill hannah, family force 5, aerosmith, the ramones, the misfits,bandcamp, less than jake, rancid,no cash, panic! at the disco,pearl jam, my chemical romance, NoFx,the newyork dolls, river city tanlines, tilt-a-swirl (which is my band).
movies: waynes world, the anchorman,employee of the month,just friends, the panic room,requium for a dream,baisil,national treasure,be cool,juno
shows: two and a half men, americas next top model,music videos, stevens untilted rock show, anything musical
fanfics: yep
found this on google
anything about me: im in a band, im singer and sometimes guitar/keyboard, and im really boy crazy. i have blonde hair/brownish hazel eyes and i weigh like 125lbs and im 5'4.
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