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band fictions

a place to post your fan fictions of bands you love

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Fan Fictions Community: This is a community for people to share they're fan fictions with other people. We're mostly looking for fanfictions of people in bands such as Good Charlotte, Simple Plan, Mest, The Used, and some others but feel free to post something different as long as its a band. No Harry Potter or anything, just bands. However if you think your fanfiction is so good and its not a band but it deserves to be posted, email x_dorkified at sosurreal@comcast.net with your fanfiction. If I like it (I'm not hard to impress) then I'll let you post.

When You Join:
When you join we would like you to fill out a little survey so that we can get to know you better. Everyone is accepted into the community so this is not some sort of an application but it is required to fill it out before you can post a fanfiction. Just copy this into your first entry and fill it out :)

 Some favorite bands:
 Favorite Movies:
 Favorite TV Shows:
 Will you be posting any fanfictions?:
 If so, what band(s)?:
 How did you find this community?
 Anything else you think we should know about you:

 While you're here: Whenever you make a post please keep your fanfiction in an LJ cut. It just makes everything look neater. It doesn't matter how long or short the fanfiction is. Outside the LJ cut please have the following information:

 Main Characters:

 You can add any more information you feel is important.
 Also, all the fanfictions posted in this community are neatly archived in the MEMORIES section by x_dorkified so please check it out. If you missed some chapters of your favorite story you can find it easily in there :D

 x_dorkified[Contact by email: sosurreal@comcast.net or by AIM: jere is dreamy]
 pretendtocare[Contact by email: gcriotgirl0@yahoo.com or by AIM: xsimplymestupx]

 Other Things:
          -If you have a fanfiction journal or a fanfiction community feel free to post a link to it, but you may only do this once per journal/community, otherwise you will be banned.
          -If someone posts a fanfiction of theres please review it if you read it. If you don't like it, tell them how they can make it better. If it is their first fanfiction they have ever written, keep that in mind.
          -Please try to avoid off topic posts. By off topic I mean anything that doesn't have to do with fanfictions in some way. You can post pictures of your favorite pairing (like this for example). Also if you drew a picture of your favorite pairing go ahead and post it. However, put ALL PICTURES UNDER LJ CUTS. People will get mad if they see a huge picture on their friends page.
          -Liking Good Charlotte, Simple Plan, and Mest is not a requirement to join this community. You may post other band fanfictions.
          -Invite your friends :) You can use the banners below.

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